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Tree Services


4th Generation Arborist

McArdle Tree Services specialise in problem-solving and are equipped to effectively complete any job, no matter how complicated it may be deemed.

No job is too big or too small.

We service homeowners through to large commercial and government clients throughout Sydney.

Robert McArdle is a 4th generation fully qualified Hills District – Hornsby based Arborist.

The team of professional, reliable and qualified Arborists at McArdle Tree Services have established themselves as a trusted member of the Tree Contactors Association Australia.

Professionalism guaranteed.


Our expert Arborists are highly experienced to ensure precise tree removal.

There are a number of reasons for trees needing to be removed, for example, if they are dead, dying, structurally unsound or located in an unsuitable location. Upon assessment of the tree and our recommendation, our expert team will remove the tree safely and with total care of the surroundings.



We carefully assess the required maintenance to ensure a healthy tree whilst taking into consideration the clients needs.

From removing dangerous branches to minor pruning we cover it all.



Specialist stump grinding machinery will free the area of the remaining tree stump. Reclaim the space to grass over, build or plant. In some cases, stump grinding is required to remove the food source for harmful fungi.



We remove tree and shrub growth to create useable land space. If you need land area to build your residential or commercial project, we can clear the required trees to make your vision a reality.



Quality clean mulch and firewood that burns is available to purchase.


Signs You May Need Our Tree Services

While a tree on your property might be ‘hanging in there’, there can come a time that a tree might need pruning or removal before it becomes a danger or becomes unhealthy.

Attempting to DIY prune or cut down a tree can not only be dangerous, it can cause a loss in structural stability, integrity or even decline in health – it’s best left to the experts with decades of experience who understand the most effective methods for tree care.

When searching for a local Arborist, it is important to note they are qualified and use appropriate tools and equipment before looking to hire their tree services.

Choose a fully insured and licensed member of an association like the TCAA (Tree Contractors Association Australia). This will ensure you get the highest quality service rather than a weekend warrior.

Look no further than TCAA member,  McArdle Tree Services!

Here are some benefits of heathy trees:

✔ Shade and shelter

✔ Add value to the property

✔ Enhance the surrounding environment

✔ Improve wellbeing

✔ Reduce pollutants


  • Homeowners
  • Government Public Schools – Primary and High
  • Tertiary Education Campuses
  • Churches
  • Childcare, Day Care and Preschool Centres
  • Residential and Commercial Builders
  • Property Developers
  • Property and Strata Managers
  • Commercial Offices and Business Parks
  • Golf Courses


Get in touch and experience the renowned McArdle difference for yourself. Request an obligation free quote on our tree services.